Dr. J. Sandhu (DVM, NDAR)

Dr. J Sandhu is the owner of Apex Animal Clinic. Dr. Sandhu in his career spanning over 32 years has done extensive work in the field of Veterinary Medicine esp Animal Reproduction. He was one of the pioneers of Embryo Transfer Technology in the world.

Dr. Sandhu has earned various awards for his work in Animal Reproduction and Animal Welfare by the ISAR and other Institutes. Dr. Sandhu is a graduate of PAU, Ludhiana and holds National Diploma in Animal Reproduction from the premier Indian Veterinary Research Institute and stood first in the diploma among all national diploma students.

Dr. Sandhu has done multiple post-graduate trainings and has many publications to his credit.

Dr. Sandhu has special interest in veterinary surgery and animal reproduction.

Dr. Sandhu spends his free time with his cat Smokie and training his dog Buddy on an invisible fence. Dr. Sandhu being an outstanding sportsman still maintains keen interest in sports. His favourite sports are volleyball and athletics.

Dr. Sandhu working at the vet clinic in Airdrie

Dr. D. Sharma (DVM, MVSc.)

Dr. Sharma joined Apex Animal Clinic in December 2011. Before joining Apex team Dr. Sharma has worked at small animal clinics in Modesto, California and in Las Vegas, Nevada (2008-2011). She has worked in Mixed Animal Practice in Himachal Pradesh, India (2007-2008).

Dr. Sharma has also had the privilege of working in shelter medicine settings in different animal shelters in Reno, Nevada and Lynnwood, Washington. Dr. Sharma feels working in shelter settings was the most touching and giving part of her career and would consider going back.

In addition to clinical practice Dr. Sharma has done pioneer research work in the field of Avian Pathology and Electron microscopy in collaboration with the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA. Dr. Sharma has authored multiple manuscripts in international peer reviewed journals and some of her publications are underway.

Dr. Sharma graduated from CSKHPKV, Palampur, India in 2005 and also holds a Masters in Veterinary Pathology (Toxicology).

Dr. Sharma has special interest in clinical pathology, small animal medicine, soft tissue surgery and dentistry.

Dr. Sharma loves traveling, reading, photography and spending time with her family.

Dr. Sharma during some time off from the vet clinic in Airdrie

Dr. H. Dogra (DVM, MVSc, MS)

Dr. Dogra joined Apex Animal Clinic team in June 2012. Before joining Apex Animal Clinic he has worked at Copperfield Veterinary Clinic, Calgary (Sept. 2011- June2012), Banfield The Pet Hospital in Modesto, California and Las Vegas, Nevada (2008-2011).

Dr. Dogra graduated from PAU, Ludhiana , India in the year 2001. Between 2001 to 2008 Dr. Dogra worked as Masters Researcher (CSKHPKV, Palampur), Veterinary Officer (Pathologist) (Venky's Disease Diagnostic Labratories, India) and Graduate Research Assistant (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska).

Dr. Dogra holds two research based Masters degrees in Veterinary Sciences in the fields of Diagnostic Clinical Pathology (CSKHPKV-Palampur, India 2003) and Molecular Biology (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska 2008).

Dr. Dogra has published and presented his works in the fields of Clinical Disease Diagnosis, Pathobiology and Drug Discovery.

Dr. Dogra has special interest in Small Animal Dentistry, Internal Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.

He spends his free time with his wife, driving, visiting new places, reading and watching tv, and playing with his dog Boomer in the backyard with a pet safe fence.

Dr. Dogra during some time off from the vet clinic in Airdrie


Windy Ryan

Hi, my name is Windy. I have been at Apex since February 2012. I have always had a strong interest in animals and I have a natural ability for handling the extra wiggley ones. I have also taken courses in animal behaviour. When I am not here, you can find me riding one of my two horses, hiking with my dog or volunteering at the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation.

Valerie Simpson

Hello, my name is Val. Over the past 20 years I have worked in many areas of the "pet industry", but mainly as a dog groomer. I have also been successfully breeding and showing dogs for 18 years. I joined Apex Animal Clinic in June 2012 and am grateful to be part of such an amazing team.

Valerie Simpson at the vet clinic in Airdrie

Tarra Munro

Hello, my name is Tarra and I have been working at Apex Animal Clinic since January 2013. I love working with animals as well as people and I have recently graduated with my diploma as a Veterinary Assistant.

Nakita McKinlay-Hanson

My name is Nakita McKinlay-Hanson, I was born and raised in Nova Scotia. My entire life I have been surrounded by animals, both my grandparents had farms but I have always favoured dog and cats and that's why I love working at Apex.

Nakita having a bad hair day at the vet clinic in Airdrie